Selecting A-T Frequencies

Please select an Audio-Technica Wireless Series:

Series    Models
200 Freeway     ATW-201, ATW-202
300    ATW-0327, ATW-0328
600 Freeway    ATW-601, ATW-602
700 Freeway    ATW-701, ATW-702
900    ATW-0951, ATW-0952
1000    ATW-1031, ATW-1032
1100    ATW-1127, ATW-1128
1200    ATW-1235, ATW-1236, ATW-1237
1400    ATW-1451, ATW-1452
1900    ATW-1951, ATW-1952
2000    ATW-2110, ATW-2120
3000    ATW-3110, ATW-3141
4000    AEW-4110, AEW-4230, AEW-4240, AEW-4250, AEW-4260, AEW-4313, AEW-4314, AEW-4315, AEW-4316
5000    AEW-5110, AEW-5233, AEW-5244, AEW-5255, AEW-5266, AEW-5313, AEW-5314, AEW-5315, AEW-5316, AEW-5413, AEW-5414, AEW-5415, AEW-5416
7000    ATW-7373, ATW-7375, ATW-7376
   ESW-R210, ESW-R220, ESW-T211, ESW-T212, ESW-T214
PRO 100    PRO 127, PRO 128
PRO 200    PRO 227, PRO 228
PRO 400    PRO 451, PRO 452
U100    ATW-U101, ATW-U102

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